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ORBITAL has developed and manufactured wind turbine controllers and biomass combustion control systems to the Danish market as well as to different export markets since 1978.
In wind industry up to now ORBITAL has produced and delivered more than 2.500 controllers for stall regulated and pitch regulated wind turbines. More than 800 biomass combustion controllers have been delivered to the European marked.

Adresse:   Orbital A/S
Trykkerivej 5
6900 Skjern
Telefonnummer:   97352422
Faxnummer:   97353285
Kontaktperson:   Wolfgang W. Meyer
Geografisk placering:   Jylland
Orbital A/S er repræsenteret inden for følgende brancher:
Brancher:   Ydelser:
Elektronik   Development
ISO certificeret
Måleudstyr/instrumenter   Analyzers
Temperature Loggers